The Great Hole

If you could enter this hole and follow it through you’d find great rivers, great fires and great winds at the end. But alas, death awaits as soon as you enter.

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Note: Official riddle answer: The Lesser Greater Hole


#1 Heather in Beautiful BC on 10.25.09 at 5:51 pm


#2 Gec on 10.25.09 at 6:05 pm

That’s almost correct :) I guess you could find great fires in a volcano, perhaps also rivers (of lava) – but wind?

#3 Skaggs on 10.26.09 at 12:54 am

Black hole

#4 noh on 10.26.09 at 7:57 pm

atlantis, there was of course wind in there

#5 Gec on 10.27.09 at 4:06 am

He he :)