The Lonely Riddle

Dear friends, If you’re bored or lonely, this riddle is for you. Good luck!

Among the first things you saw, long ago, when you first looked through your window pane, I was.
Best friend for the lonely, I am. Their name, I share.

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#1 Mika on 09.14.11 at 10:18 am

loneliness tree?

#2 Gec on 09.14.11 at 1:51 pm

I don’t understand, please elaborate.

(btw it’s not the loneliness tree ;))

#3 Mika on 09.14.11 at 5:21 pm


#4 Mika on 09.14.11 at 5:23 pm

or internet

#5 Gec on 09.14.11 at 11:25 pm

“Their name, I share” – doesn’t fit. Try again?

#6 Mika on 09.15.11 at 3:33 pm

personal computer? (their name I share: Ana’s PC, Gec’s PC)

#7 Gec on 09.15.11 at 10:54 pm

You are getting close. But not there yet.

#8 Mika on 09.16.11 at 9:07 am

mobile phone? :)

#9 Cornelia on 09.16.11 at 2:20 pm


#10 Gec on 09.17.11 at 12:42 am

How do the mobile phone and Windows share the name of the lonely? Please elaborate :)

This one must be too geeky 😉

#11 Brandon Tilley on 09.17.11 at 4:43 am

Hmm… how about icon? Celebrity icons could be lonely…

Really just grasping straws here. :) Also, you were right, the answer to the Yoda riddle made go “DUH!”

#12 Mika on 09.17.11 at 9:16 pm


#13 Gec on 09.18.11 at 2:10 am

@Mika: how does website share the name of the lonely?

@Brandon: Icon is even closer to the answer, but not quite there yet.

I’m going to give an unsolicited hint here. By the way, I’m seeing some ways to improve the star system; until I get everything cleared out, I’ll just say that this hint I’ll give won’t make the riddle’s answer worth any less. In fact it will make it worth more. Four copper stars, to be more precise.

The hint is: which icon, more exactly? (no, it’s not a celebrity icon…)

#14 Mika on 09.18.11 at 9:10 pm

Websites for lonely. ( :)
But it seems this is not the correct answer…

#15 Mika on 09.19.11 at 2:47 pm


#16 Gec on 09.19.11 at 3:32 pm

OK so here’s a few more clues.

‘Messenger’ comes closer than websites to the real answer. Yes it’s a computer-ish thingy.

It shares the name of the lonely. You see it through the window pane. Lonely and bored people use it. It’s not connected to the internet.

Now I’ve made it SO EASY ^^ :). What is it?

#17 Mika on 09.19.11 at 4:18 pm

heh – Solitaire?

#18 Gec on 09.19.11 at 10:53 pm

Finally :) I didn’t think this one would give you so much trouble, to be honest. Anyway, congrats! Solitaire it is, and Solitaire it always was.

Ever since Windows 3.11.

Those were the days… :)

Because you finished it on Draw 3 Vegas Style, you win four copper stars. Now you have sixty.

#19 ethan on 12.19.11 at 7:20 am


#20 Gec on 12.19.11 at 9:50 am

Thanks, I agree 😀

#21 Clashionista Psychedelic on 03.08.13 at 3:35 pm

At the beginning, lonely, meaning solitary would have easily given an answer. Therefore, a good hint would have been Synonym for lonely/alone. This was a good riddle, i shall be sure to tell my friends the riddle and to go to

#22 Clashionista Psychedelic on 03.08.13 at 3:36 pm

Good clu, ignore above comment excepting bottom part. (compliment)

#23 Fashionista on 03.22.13 at 10:17 pm

Heehee, that’s cool Clashionsta! Can’t wait to hear it! (Well…I know the answer now so…:P)

#24 Anonymous on 06.01.13 at 5:54 am

The doctor, from Doctor Who, a doctor is one of the first things you see when you’re born, one of his aliases is the lonely God/ Angel. Also, he shares the name of his past regeneration, whom a majority are lonely.

#25 Anonymous on 06.01.13 at 5:55 am

Was I close, and the doctor is an icon as well as his TARDIS.

#26 Anonymous on 06.01.13 at 5:55 am

Well not really an icon but still

#27 Anonymous on 06.01.13 at 6:01 am

Again, could the answer be hope.

#28 Anonymous on 06.01.13 at 6:09 am

Never mind I should hav read the comments before just skipping at answering.