Shape Shifting Riddle

Dear friends, the best solvers are finally added to the sidebar, after countless counting. Mika ingeniously cracked the Frankenstein riddle, and received 50 copper stars from Master Yoda, ensuring his first place among the best solvers. Now here’s today’s riddle, not so geeky as the last one, but somewhat geeky still.

I can take the shape of an animal.
I can take the shape of a plant.
I and my many brothers, together, we take different shapes, to build different shapes, who together build different shapes.
We can take the shape of an animal.
We can take the shape of a plant.

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#1 Brandon Tilley on 09.17.11 at 4:44 am

I wanted to say “atoms,” but since animals and plants only are mentioned I’m going with “cells.”

#2 Gec on 09.18.11 at 12:49 am

That is correct Brandon! Congrats!

(hope you mean the biological cells, not the prison cells :p)

#3 Fashionista on 03.22.13 at 10:13 pm

Hey!If this riddle is solved then why is it in the “unsolvded” part of the website?