The Spider Riddle

Congrats to Jamy for correctly guessing the answer to the previous riddle. Hexal16 and Brandon Tilley came close but didn’t close :).

Today, we have a spider telling us a riddle. Honestly, friends, this one’s so easy that even a fly could guess it.

This Spider seen you have not.
In its web though you are caught.

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#1 Brandon Tilley on 09.06.11 at 2:42 am

My guess is “The Internet.” (Or, perhaps more specifically, an Internet search engine crawler that indexes this site. :)

#2 Gec on 09.06.11 at 9:04 am

That is correct, the internet it is :) Good job!

#3 jennifer on 03.26.12 at 8:02 pm


#4 JoseGarcia on 12.09.12 at 3:21 pm

Could anyone of you put here each one of riddles of “Nemesis Game” filme???.

Please: The riddles and the answers.