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Party Breaker

Note: This is the official answer to the riddle: Jojoba Surprise

Welcome, friends. It’s time to continue the saga where we left it more than three years ago, when we had quite a surprise on Jojoba. Brandon Tilley was the one to correctly guess the answer on that riddle.

“Welcome to Jojoba, Admiral!” says the intercom voice, and the crew recognize it’s Yoba’s voice, Total Commandeer of the Star Fleet.

“Admiral?” says the former Captain, and then understands that this was the test for his promotion to Admiral. Then ads a military “Thank you, SIR!”

“At ease, Admiral. Permission to enter orbit granted. The potatoes are a-smokin’ and a-waitin’. Beam down when ready.”

The Admiral gives the necessary orders, landing parties are organized by ranks and contingents. In half an hour they are all enjoying the party, especially those famous, delicious Jojoba potatoes.
Yoba’s approaching the first officer, asking him:

“You’ve been on a long mission. Are you up to date with the latest negotiations with the fetrengi?”

“Well, last I heard was that they were willing to give up their Face Dancers technology, if we allow them access to the latest research on gravity neutrons. But I doubt our Board will agree to such a disadvantageous bargain.”

“Indeed, that was what they proposed. What would we do with their shapeshifters, I have no idea. However they could make great progress on their gravity engines if they had some of our insight on the neutrons. The Board has already rejected this, but we didn’t communicate it to them yet. We will announce them in a week, at the Peace Conference on Gaudeamus. In the meantime, you are under arrest.”

“What is this new devilry?” asks the first officer, confused, as he gets handcuffed with force field cuffs by the Chief of Security.

What was happening? Why was the first officer under arrest?

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#1 Anonymous on 07.09.12 at 4:28 am

The first officer was a shapeshifter

#2 Gec on 07.10.12 at 10:26 am

That is correct, Anonymous!

He was a shapeshifter, and practically turned himself in when making the remark about the exchange of technologies (shapeshifting vs gravity neutrons). This was top secret classified information which the first officer couldn’t have known, unless he knew it from the fetrengi themselves.

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